TT Sidecar Race 2 & Senior TT

TT 2019 will have a lot to live up to given the outstanding performances right through the field at  this year’s event. Lap records tumbled and many riders recorded their best ever laps as the fantastic weather encouraged the amazing racing around the the TT course.

At the sharp end we have Michael Dunlop, Dean Harrison and Peter Hickman trading lap speeds and times that have rewritten the record books. We also have the emergence of some future stars particularly in Sam West and Davey Todd who contested the Privateers Championship right up to the end. Todd taking victory in such style that it was hard to believe that he was a newcomer!

We also saw the return of Ian Hutchinson. His bravery in competing was awe inspiring and I for one hope that he can continue to return to full fitness over the next twelve months.

The Birchalls continued their dominance in the Sidecars and they too blasted the existing lap and race records.




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