Pre TT and TT First Practice

The wintry conditions still persisted and eventually led to a reduced first practice session for the TT competitors. On the brightside down at Billown there were the opening races in the 250/350 and Sidecar classes of this year’s Blackford Pre TT Classic Races.

TT 2015 got underway with the newcomers both solo and sidecars completing their controlled laps. The Lightweights managed a couple of laps before the weather closed in.

Today sees the final day down at Billown withe a full race programme for all classes including the Carmathian Cup for the sidecars to round off the day.

There’s no TT Practice today which resumes tomorrow evening, weather permitting.


Connor Behan


Paul Shoesmith


Derek McGee


Frarquhar leads Johnston into Douglas Road Corner


Wally Saunders / Bob Dowty


Rod Bellas / Trevor Johnson


Eddie Wright / Kieran Clark


Mike Hose


Bill Swallow


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