Spring National Oliver’s Mount – Sunday 12th

Wet, windy and very cold for day 2 of the Spring National at Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough. All the usual suspects were there although I reckon that they wished that they were somewhere else given the conditions. Guy Martin took the overall win in the Spring Cup.

Thanks to Phil Edge Press Officer Auto 66 Club for the race report.

Spring National Road Races-Sunday

Overcast but dry conditions greeted competitors and enthusiasts for the second days Spring National Road Races at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough.

With the morning practice over, and the weather providing intermittent rain and almost freezing conditions the first of the days races the second leg of the Lightweights which was won by Nick Anderson from Paul Owen and Peter Boast.

Paul Owen

Paul Owen

The second leg of the Sidecars followed, with Steve Ramsden taking the lead into Mere Hairpin, but it was Conrad Harrison who was leading at the end of the first lap of six, by 9.228 seconds followed by Ramsden and Dean Lindley third.

Lap two and the gap had doubled to 18 seconds whilst Tony Thirkell moved into third.

Half distance and the gap was 24 seconds with just 0.4of a second between second and third.

Lap four and with 36 seconds between the first two compared with 0.1 of a second between second and third and at the end of the penultimate lap Thirkell mod moved up to second with Lee Crawford taking third place by 0.0200 of a second.

At the flag it was Conrad Harrison followed by Tony Thirkell by 0.4 of a second with Lee Crawford third.

Next up were the F1 & F2 Classics 2nd leg, with David Bell taking the hole-shot but it was Peter Boast who was leading at the end of the first lap with Ryan Farquhar second and Bell down to third.

A lap later Ryan had a 1.5 second advantage over Peter Boast with David Bell still holding third.

Half distance and the lead was up to 2.600 seconds as positions remained the same.

By lap four the gap had increased to 5.50 seconds and at the flag on lap six Ryan Farquhar had an advantage of 14.263 seconds over Peter Boast with David Bell third.

Ryan Farquhar

Ryan Farquhar

The second leg of the Spring Cup A Final saw Ivan Lintin take the hole-shot from Guy Martin and Dean Harrison, but it was Daley Mathison who had the lead at the end of lap one by half-a-second from Tom Weeden and Ivan Lintin.

Guy Martin was fourth, followed by Guy Martin and Daniel Hegarty. Dean Harrison was 13th.

Lap two and three-quarters of a second separated Mathison and Weeden, with Lintin another eight seconds down.

Lap three and the gap was now 2.881 seconds with Lintin now 11.624 seconds adrift in third.

Ivan Lintin

Ivan Lintin

Mathison had added a further three seconds to his lead by the end of the fourth lap, as Weeden also increased the distance between himself and Lintin to 10 seconds.

Harrison was now up to 8th.

Lap five and Weeden had reduced the gap to just 7.872 seconds.

At the chequered flag it was Daley Mathison ahead of Tom Weeden and Ivan Lintin with Guy Martin Daniel Hegarty and Bruce Birnie completing the top six.

The overall winner was declared as Guy Martin.

Guy Martin

Guy Martin


The Spring Cup B Final second leg was next, Michael Sweeney took the hole-shot and at the end of the opening lap it was Sweeney who had a 0.214 of a second lead over Rodger Wibberley and French newcomer Nicolas Pautet

Half distance and just 0.854 of a second was the gap between Sweeney and the French rider, with Wibberley now third.

Lap 4 and Nicolas Pautet was now leading by 1.300 seconds from Sweeney and Wibberley.

Lap 5 and Sweeney was leading from Rodger Wibberley with Adrian Harrison now third, the Frenchman having slid off on Sheene’s Rise on the lap.

At the flag Michael Sweeney took the victory by 0.001 of a second from Rodger Wibberley and Stephen Degnan third.

The fourth leg of the F2 Sidecars were next and once again it was Conrad Harrison and Lee Patterson who had a start to finish victory, this time by 12.7 seconds ahead of Dean Lindley/Rod Bellas and Lee Crawford/Luke Capewell.

Race 18 the Junior A Final second leg. Pole position holder James Cowton got the hole shot into Mere Hairpin followed by Daley Mathison and it was Mathison who led at the end of the first by 3.5 seconds from Dean Harrison, with Daniel Hegarty third followed by Ivan Lintin, James Cowton and Tom Weeden.

Lap 2 and the lead was up to 5.300 seconds between Mathison and Harrison with Lintin now third, followed by Hegarty, Cowton and James Neesom. However Harrison pulled into the paddock at the start of lap three, so at the end of the lap it was still Mathison ahead of Lintin and Hegarty.

Lap 4, Mathison’s advantage was 3.766 seconds over Lintin, but Lintin had closed the gap by 3 seconds from the previous lap. Hegarty was a further 5 seconds down.

Lap 5, the penultimate lap and another half a second had been shaved off the leader’s advantage, with Hegarty falling further away from the second-placeman Linton.

At the flag it was Daley Mathison from Ivan Lintin and Dan Hegarty with James Neesom, James Cowton and Mark Goodings.

The Junior B Final 2nd leg, race 19, was won by Darren Cooper with Ben Rea second and

The penultimate race of the day and the event was the second leg of the Super Lightweights saw James Cowton leading at the end of the first lap from Ivan Lintin by 0.169 of a second and Daniel Hegarty holding third.

Lap 2 and Ivan Lintin had the lead by 2.6 seconds from James Cowton with Daniel Hegarty still third.

Ivan Lintin

Ivan Lintin

Half distance and positions were the same although the lead had extended to 3.354 seconds.

Lap 4 One, two, three the same top three and the same on the penultimate lap although the gap had increased to 4.687 seconds.

The red flag was shown during the fifth lap and the race was declared at the end of the fourth lap, with the results going to Ivan Lintin from James Cowton and Daniel Hegarty.

Dan Hegarty

Dan Hegarty


The final race of the day, the second leg of the Senior class started with just seven riders, Ivan Lintin, Daley Mathison, Mark Goodings, Dean Harrison, Mick Goodings, Dave Hewson and Franck Petricola.

Lap one saw Dean Harrison 0.3 of a second ahead of Daley Mathison with Ivan Lintin third.

Daley Mathison

Daley Mathison

Lap 2 and the gap was up to 1.048 seconds, lap – lap 3 and it was back down to 0.855 of a second.

The gap was down to 0.365 of a second as Dean and Daley started their last lap.

At the all important chequered flag the victory went to Dean Harrison by a mere 0.205 of a second from Daley Mathison with Ivan Lintin third.

Dean Harrison

Dean Harrison


150412_Spring_Nat 558

150412_Spring_Nat 525

150412_Spring_Nat 360

150412_Spring_Nat 343

150412_Spring_Nat 152

150412_Spring_Nat 109

150412_Spring_Nat 105

150412_Spring_Nat 014

150412_Spring_Nat 022

150412_Spring_Nat 024

150412_Spring_Nat 042

150412_Spring_Nat 056


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