2014 Steve Henshaw Gold Cup – Oliver’s Mount Scarborough

Huge crowds for the season’s finale at Oliver’s Mount. Despite the absence of Guy Martin, the Dunlops and the injured Dean Harrison there was no let up in the action for the bumper crowd. Ivan Lintin was on fire but he faced strong challenges from Lee Johnston, John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey and Daley Mathison.

Daley had a painful crash on the first lap of the Gold Cup feature race after a strong showing all weekend. He’ll no doubt be back fully fit and charged up next season.

140915_Gold_Cup 570

140915_Gold_Cup 619

140915_Gold_Cup 624

140915_Gold_Cup 631

140915_Gold_Cup 659

140915_Gold_Cup 952

140915_Gold_Cup 1048

140915_Gold_Cup 1209

140915_Gold_Cup 1222

140915_Gold_Cup 1225

140915_Gold_Cup 1230

140915_Gold_Cup 1241

140915_Gold_Cup 1256

140915_Gold_Cup 1277

140915_Gold_Cup 1348

140915_Gold_Cup 1493

140915_Gold_Cup 1562

140915_Gold_Cup 1560

140915_Gold_Cup 1554

140915_Gold_Cup 1529

140915_Gold_Cup 1521

140915_Gold_Cup 1511

140915_Gold_Cup 1495

140915_Gold_Cup 1564

140915_Gold_Cup 1570

140915_Gold_Cup 1819

140915_Gold_Cup 1912

140915_Gold_Cup 1916

140915_Gold_Cup 2010

140915_Gold_Cup 1460

140915_Gold_Cup 1658

140915_Gold_Cup 1393

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