Southern 100 Road Races, IOM – Monday evening practice

The first session of this year’s Southern 100 Road Races was graced with a beautiful warm evening. Bright sunshine gave the riders a few problems as they headed west along the main start/finish straight towards Ballakeighan corner.

140707_S100_Mon 121141307

Dennis Booth

140707_S100_Mon 134141307

Davy Morgan

140707_S100_Mon 157141307

Ivan Lintin

140707_S100_Mon 162141307

Michael Dunlop

140707_S100_Mon 169141307

Paul Smyth

140707_S100_Mon 181141307

Guy Martin

140707_S100_Mon 198141307

Dean Harrison

140707_S100_Mon 204141307

Russ Mountford

140707_S100_Mon 311141307

Ryan Kneen

140707_S100_Mon 366141307

Andrew Sellars

140707_S100_Mon 419141307

Chris Watson

140707_S100_Mon 436141307

Leon Murphy

140707_S100_Mon 466141307

Joe Newbould

140707_S100_Mon 468141307

James Cowton

140707_S100_Mon 472141307

Russ Mountford

140707_S100_Mon 489141307

Frank Gallagher

140707_S100_Mon 511141307

Seamus Elliot

140707_S100_Mon 476141307

Colin Stephenson

140707_S100_Mon 638141307

Ivan Lintin

140707_S100_Mon 543141307

Dean Harrison

140707_S100_Mon 702141307

Dave Molyneux and Benjamin Binns

140707_S100_Mon 705141307

John Holden and Andy Winkle

140707_S100_Mon 711141307

Ian and Carl Bell

140707_S100_Mon 720141307

Dean Lindley and Dean Kilkenny

140707_S100_Mon 724141307

Roy Hanks and Kevin Perry

140707_S100_Mon 729141307

Darren Hope and Lenny Bumfrey

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