2nd TT Practice 27th May 2014 – Ballagarey

Super fast exit from Ballagarey where the riders aim to carry a high corner speed out onto the long straight through Crosby.

TT_Practice_Tues 299142805

TT_Practice_Tues 274142805

TT_Practice_Tues 265142805

TT_Practice_Tues 259142805

TT_Practice_Tues 249142805

TT_Practice_Tues 240142805

TT_Practice_Tues 212142805

TT_Practice_Tues 206142805

TT_Practice_Tues 198142805

TT_Practice_Tues 182142805

TT_Practice_Tues 174142805

TT_Practice_Tues 149142805

TT_Practice_Tues 144142805

TT_Practice_Tues 081142805

TT_Practice_Tues 064142805

TT_Practice_Tues 024142805

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