The Southern 100 International Road Races 2013

I’ve returned from the Southern 100 Road Races and now had time to reflect upon what was a very difficult week.

Firstly I’d like offer my condolences to the family and friends of those  riders who sadly fell; and secondly I’d like to wish a speedy and full recovery to all those who suffered injuries.

I would also like to pay tribute to the Southern 100 MCRC for their dedication to the sport and their courage in the face of terrible events. It is often said that when the going gets tough then the tough get going. Never more true than last week. The Southern 100 Committee behaved with great respect and dignity towards those that fell during the week and their example was followed by the impeccably observed silent tribute in Castletown Square on Thursday night. I fully support the decisions that they took both in commemorating David, Mark and Paul and to continue racing.

The sport survives because of the people that take a stake in it. Organisers, sponsors, marshals, riders, fans etc. There are however many unsung heroes who work tirelessly to provide support, financial and professional, for the greater good of the sport itself. Without those people our sport would never continue. There is a cast list of literally hundreds who do all that they can to ensure that the riders have the best support possible. On behalf of road racing I thank you all. The work never ceases though and like everything else in this world there is a mighty bill to be paid. Money is always tight and the Southern 100 club, like many other clubs, do a fantastic job in hosting these fine road races. But to continuously improve rider safety and welfare there can never be enough to go around. Therefore, might I ask everyone that reads this blog that whenever you have the opportunity to lend a hand, donate a few coins, buy a sticker, T shirt or even a calendar 😉 then please do so. Your sport needs you.

Let’s celebrate this unique and wonderful game that we play and enjoy a few of my pics from last week’s action.

130712 Thurs 486

Guy Martin leads Michael Dunlop to win the Solo Championship

130712 Thurs 350

Russ Mountford

130712 Thurs 343

Jamie Hamilton

130712 Thurs 340

Guy Martin

130712 Thurs 338

Michael Dunlop

130710 Wed 600

Dean Harrison

130710 Wed 571

William Dunlop

130710 Wed 584

Michael Dunlop

130710 Wed 607

Jamie Hamilton

130712 Thurs 221

Iavn Lintin leading Dean Harrison

130710 Wed 567

Jamie Hamilton leads into Ballakaighan

130710 Wed 381

Colin Stephenson

130710 Wed 375

Tim Poole

130709 Tues 378

Michael Dunlop

130709 Tues 627

Tim Poole

130710 Wed 370

Russ Mountford

130709 Tues 371

Billy Cummins

130710 Wed 357

Chris Mitchell

130710 Wed 146

Martin, Dunlop and Harrison

130709 Tues 370

Dan Kneen

130709 Tues 763

Jamie Hamilton, Michael Pearson, Ian Lougher and Dan Kneen

130709 Tues 781

Dunlop and fan

130712 Thurs 300

Russ Mountford

130712 Thurs 308

 Lintin has his nose chopped off by Harrison


Dan Kneen


Paul Shoesmith


Jamie Coward


Marc Coggon


Mark Goodings


Jamie Hamilton


Dennis Booth


Guy Martin


Dean Harrison


Michael Pearson


Alan Warden & Ernesto Ascierto


Greg Lambert &  Kenny Cole


Tim Reeves & Dan Sayle


Alan Warden & Ernesto Ascierto


Nigel Smith & Chris McGhan


Gordon Shand & Phil Hyde


Wayne Lockey & Luke Capewell


Gary Bryan & Jamie Wynn


Reeves & Sayle @ Stadium Corner


Doug Chandler & Dean Kilkenny fending off Debbie Baron & Stephen Cowin


Ivan Lintin


Guy Martin keeping Dean Harrison behind


Jamie Hamilton, Michael Pearson, Ian Lougher & Dan Kneen


Martin and Dunlop


William Dunlop


Jamie Coward


Russ Mountford

3 thoughts on “The Southern 100 International Road Races 2013

  1. Well said. It has been a very difficult week, with some friends doing fantastically well and others paying the ultimate price. The Southern100 committee have had some very hard knocks, including losing one of their number, but they put others before themselves and soldiered on. Now they are working to clear away all the bales etc, and store everything for another year. When all the riders and spectators have gone home, their work continues. Thank you to them all.

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